Dance is a reflection of one’s personality

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Dance is a reflection of one’s personality

Dance is a reflection of one’s personality, as well as parts of daily life like driving and even the way one speaks. By the way someone’s driving you can tell what kind of  a person he or she is meaning that by the driving style one sees right away the way this person would drive. It is probably the extreme and wild personalities that are interesting to watch in the dance because they offer a brave and energetic performance. The quiter ones also have their advantages. For example stability and consistency. The wild one will probably practice whenever he wants, which is not on a regular basis and unconstant. Probably one needs to constantly work with himself to improve the personality and the habits to be better at whatever he does. If one is on a high level in whatever he or she is occupied with, then the personality is probably quite strong and consistent because without these qualities it is impossible to achieve something big.


The idea is to improve your dancing through improving the personality and training out the qualities needed for a certain thing. Passive, closed and held back people are unfortunately not interesting to look at on the dance floor. I do not know a single high level dancer, even from the top 24 of the world who would be like this. There are quiet people, but they have some kind of a consistency which is an inner strenght. I think therefore the work with a personal improvement coach or a pshycologist would be more helpful than expensive lessons with teachers who explain certain things about movement because if there is some kind of a block or incopleteness in the mind the dancing will improve quite slowly.


I don’t think that this is a common practice among the dancers today. Their coaches are their mentors, pshycologists and movement experts at the same time. Wouldn’t a specialist in his field be more helpful? I think it has something to do with the undevelopment of dancesport at the moment. Athletes are ahead of dancers in this sense. They have got a better system organized around them. Modern and ballet dancers have got a better system than dancesport as well to my view.


Hopefully the generation of young dancers will think instead of money making about the improvement of the whole dancesport institution. To create academies and universities for dancesport which will involve a complete program of development for individuals with of course the stress onto ballroom dance. At the moment it is very interesting for me to look at dancing from a psychological point of view. To understand how the mind of the dancer is functioning and how to work with the mind of the dancer to improve it. Unfortunately I do not have the qualification to do so at the moment. Without a bit of craziness and extremity one cannot achieve great things. All of the great people of this world were a bit bizarre. The great dance teachers of today are also not completely normal. In a good way I mean it, otherwise they wouldn’t have achieved the things they did

Vadim Garbuzov, 12 May, 2006