That was a wonderful performance, guys. You were one level ahead of everybody and won your title fully honestly and fairly.

Peter Stokkebroe
a World Latin champion, Vadim’s long-term teacher

Your shows are at a completely new level than other dancers do. So I am sending my show couple to you for lessons.

Fabio Selmi
a World Standard finalist, Vadim’s long-term teacher

The last show, you guys did, is the most creative I have ever seen. You should continue inspiring us.

Mirko Gozzoli
a World Standard champion, Vadim’s long-term teacher

I taught Vadim from his childhood. Finally, I prepared Vadim and Kathrin for the world show championship, and I am proud that they won it in both Latin and Standard

Ruud Vermeij
a dance instructor in Amsterdam

Vancouver dance community always waits for Vadim to come

Irine Lau
a pro-am competitor in Vancouver

Vadim is one of my teachers for several years, and he contributed to my National title

Martin Branc
Austrian senior 10­dance champion

I was Vadim’s Standard teacher. He trained and worked in my studio since he came to Vienna

Lasse Odegaard
ex Blackpool Standard Champion