Siebrand World Latin Trophy 2005

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Siebrand World Latin Trophy 2005

In the dancing world, apart from the traditional competitions couples attend at their own cost, there are invitational competitions paid by the organizer. This competition is one of the veterans in the invitational world. It’s been around for about 20 years and many of the greats of the competitive dance scene such as Marcus and Karen Hilton have attended this event.


The actual event traditionally takes place in the best hotel of The Hague, Scheveningen. People from all over europe come to this vacation spot on the coast of the North Sea. Surely a beautifully organized dance event with top couples from around the world is something people enjoy seeing apart from all of the other activities available in the famous city of The Hague with a population of about 800 000.


Even with it’s small size the floor was perfect, considering that there were never more than 5 couples on it at the same time. It was a very cozy atmosphere with the 2nd story balconies visible while dancing, and pople sitting quite closely around the floor. Out of the 10 invited couples the prestigious panel of adjudicators had to distribute 5 couples into the Grand final, and 5 into the Rising star final. It was an interesting approach to the traditional semi-final, final system. Instead of after the semi-final the dancers who didn’t make it having to stop and jelously watch the finalists finish the last 5 dances of their competition the organizers spiced things up by allowing the audience to enjoy the couples again, and for the dancers to get another chance to show their skill and try and put out a better performance.


After the end of the dancing part of the event the participants were treated to 5* buffet where they could socialize and continiue the night in which ever way they wanted to.

By Vadim Garbuzov, 13 March, 2005, Scheveningen, Holland