The Popularity of dancesport throughout the world

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The Popularity of dancesport throughout the world

Dancesport or ballroom dancing, however you call it, is covering the world with it’s wings of beauty and enchantment. Audiences throughout the globe enjoy the atmosphere created by the dancers on either on a competitive floor, or as a solo showcase. The driving force behind the growing popularity of dancesport is this time a TV program. What could you find better than television nowadays to get someting known?


The BBC in England started someting that every dancer should be thankful for: Strictly Come Dancing. This is the name under which the first program began in England. The program involves an interesting concept. Dancers are teamed up with celebrities to form a partnership in which every couple must dance all of the 10 dances included into a competitive program, if they make it to the next episode. Around 10 dancer-celebrity partnerships are formed and each one dances one dance solo on the floor. Between their performances videoclips of their practice sessions are shown along with interviews of the participants. Anyway, most of us have probably seen this program in their country which was named probably a bit differently and had touches of individuality that suit the nation more accordingly. If it’s not yet in your country you can probably watch the channel of the nabour country that has it, or just wait until your local TV company purchases the rights for it from BBC.  


The best thing about it is the viewer participation, the viewers and judges play a 50/50 role in the decision for who will not make the next round.  The biggest profit is for danceschools, who attract up to 30% more newcomers in some of the countries. The danceschools’ successes are most likely the danceworld’s successes as well. In the countries where the danceteachers are holding quite strong associations, only the professional dancers are allowed to take part in the teaming up with celebrities program. Italy for example has Youth couples participating in the show. That’s amateur dancers of age from 16 to 18. They’ve also got juveniles from 8 to 11 years old dancing performances while the celebrities take a break. Amazing popularity for dancing.


Unfortunately in many of the countries the dancers taking part are not of a high level, which definetely puts down the image of ballroom dancing in front of people involved with other dance styles on a certain level. Maybe even the general mass of people will not think it is too spectacular because of the low capabilities of some of the celebrites put together with some unprofessional professionals. At the moment talking about the negative sides of this is in some way irrelevant because there are much more positive sides to it. Dancing has been waiting for this to happen for many decades and thank God this big push for dancing happened and hopefully will contitiue to draw people into the wonderful world of dance!

Vadim Garbuzov, 1st November 2005