To father’s birthday 2001

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Found a job I see,

we congratulate you with our big family.

I know you feel much better and stable,

because now you’ll afford to buy yourself cable!

Now it’s the time to learn some more,

and in a break between that visit a corner store.

You will stay in Vancouver,

or go to New York

and maybe Hong Kong to eat some Chinese pork.

Vancouver is perfect,

you can work and relax,

it’s kind of villagelike but,

it’s not like you have to work with an axe.

37 years old,

it’s not an old age.

When you turn 40,

in the book of your life

it will be the next page.

I will try dancing,

it might work out.

But the main thing is not to do anything you doubt.

Who knows what might happen,

let’s not fortunetell

Let’s live our life and say what the Hell!