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You don’t love me anymore,

I feel it in your voice.

To you I’m nothing but ã bore because

You now have choice.


You hurt me now with what you do,

With where you want to go.

All day I only think of you,

Oh god I feel so low.


The feeling you just cannot hide,

I cried 3 times today.

This situation from any side,

Is not going my way.


You don’t love me anymore

It’s shocking, so hard for me to take it.

My heart is already so sore,

Don’t know if i can make it.


For the first time in my life,

I love ã girl this much.

You cut my soul with a knife,

I don’t feel your soft touch.


All good times that we’ve had together,

The memories remain.

A part of me you are forever,

Remembering is pain.


You don’t love me anymore,

Were hurt by my stupid behavior.

From heavy tears I start to mourn,

So often you were my savior.


You used tõ love me- I was free,

I flew like I had wings.

You gave just positivity,

In all of earthly things.


For quite some time your love was strong,

You showed it everywhere.

All I did was go along,

My darling you are rare.


You don’t love me anymore,

Don’t know what you will say.

I hope this poem you will store,

In safety when you are away.