To Vica’s Birthday

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Vika you are 20, soon 21

There are so many things which you still haven’t done

Many competitions still need tõ be won

You have never held

In your hand ã gun

You never had problems from which you had tõ run

Look forward to the future

For sure you will have fun.

We met twõ years ago

I came tõ your party

We moved with the flow

We then became more naughty.

Together we have been

through all these special times

à part they’ll be forever

Of both of our great lives.

I like that you are positive

You’re always nice to me

I’ll hope that you will always

Keep your sincerity.

Somehow i know you’re worried

Of how things will turñ out

Your mind shouldn’t get buried

Under the dust of doubt.

You are ã special person

You should never cry,

I don’t want tõ hurt you,

I don’t want to lie.

Tõ me you are my darling

You shine like the sun.

For sure now you must know,

That you’re my number one.